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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Post Coming This Evening...

New Post Coming This Evening...

               For those just landing here, I'm a "beginner all over again" working with my horse, Max, using techniques I'm learning from viewing Clinton Anderson's horse training dvds.  Right now we're working on Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series 1 and 2 (We've just recently started Series 2) and Riding With Confidence Series 1 (I'm a little stuck in the saddle on this one.)
               Anyway, it's helping me regain confidence I lost through a "fall" I took last fall. (LOL) Really.
                I like watching all the horse trainers on RFD TV.  Clinton Anderson just happened to be the first one I connected with.  The first few posts tell how Max and I came to use Clinton Anderson's methods.


  1. I am so glad you are getting your confidence back through using Clinton Anderson's methods. There are so many great natural horsemanship trainers out there!

    1. Thank you! His method is really working for me.