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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Short Sessions...

***To read more about mine and Max's progress using RFD TV's Clinton Anderson and his Downunder Horsemanship methods, click back to the first few posts...


I had a short morning with Max, but we were able to do a few rounds of yielding forequarters, backing, changing eyes and lungeing. 
Then, we had a good ride – short – but good.  No flies or bees today.  Very windy, but that felt good. 
I’ve been sloooowly working up to doing more cantering.  His canter seems to be slowing down a little from that big whallopin’ cowboy lope, so I’m getting more confident each time we ride. 
I’m not good at cueing him to get to the canter, though.  I understand what to do, it’s just not always working for me. 
Also, Clinton Anderson cues to the canter by continuing the squeeze, cluck, spank (if necessary) and release when the desired gait is attained method. 
The two instructors I’ve taken lessons from use the squeeze with the outside leg and make a big kiss sound method to get to the canter. 
I’ve tried both with Max lately (not in the same session, but still probably confusing the heck out of him). 
I’d really like to use the Clinton Anderson method, simply because it does make more sense to me, but I have to say that he has been responding more immediately to the big kiss method.  So, I really need to work on my cues. 
Also, Max had an attitude problem today on the ground when changing directions while lungeing.  He wheeled around and galloped off. 
I didn’t provide any resistance, not even a little tug on the line in an attempt to stop him.  I just immediately dropped the rope and let him go.  I didn’t want him to think he could have a tug-o-war with me anytime and pull loose.  I wanted him to think that I just decided to let him go. 
He ran off, turned and looked at me with ears pinned back.  Then he looked at me like, “Uh…What do I do now?” and crept back over to me.  I neither scolded nor soothed.  We continued with no more attitude…

Next Day:

Great ride!  We cantered several times.  I’m almost ready to do cruising at the canter. 
I think we’ve regressed on yielding forequarters…

A Few Days Later:

I got in from out of town this afternoon.  I just worked with Max for a few minutes this evening.  Mainly for exercise…for both of us.  We backed, yielded forequarters, lunged at the trot and a little at the canter.  He seemed to remember most of his lessons.  His canter is definitely slower and smoother.  I’m hoping that will transfer to the saddle. 
But we’re getting sloppy on yielding forequarters.  I need to watch that segment again on the Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground dvd and see what the “ideal” yielding forequarters looks like. 
Clinton Anderson always shows you the way the skill should look with a well-trained horse first.  I need to re-see the “ideal” yielding forequarters.

We haven’t been able to have some good long workouts this week, but we’re hangin’ in there with our short sessions…

Have a good ride

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