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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things To Remember...

Make sure your signals are black and white, no gray areas.  Don’t nag.  Success is usually right around the corner.  The problem is that most people quit right before the turn.  Sometimes things get worse before they get better.  Reward the slightest try.  These are all things Clinton Anderson says when discussing horse training.

These are all concrete instructions to remember as I’m working with Max. 

Today we made new progress in two areas.  First, the touch and rub exercise continues to improve.  We got two steps with Max crossing that hind foot over.  We kept at it for quite some time today and it was worth it.  We’ll try for three steps tomorrow.

We did a lot of backing today.  He’s backing much better in his new halter.  We practiced the four methods of backing, plus we practiced touch and rub on his nose.  He was reluctant at first, but got the hang of it.  He tried tossing his head and lowering it to get rid of my pressure on the halter knots, but I stuck with him, and we were successful.

We also practiced sidepassing on the fence.  This is out of order according to the presentation of the exercises in Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground-Series2, but I wanted him to cross those front feet over in a new exercise.  And he knew both the steps involved in the exercise.  There was no nagging.  No gray areas.  He’s not perfect at it, but we worked our way slowly down the pasture fence line.  Both ways.   The slightest try was rewarded.  And it showed up again that he was not as fond of crossing his feet over to the left.  But we kept it up anyway.

We had a short ride again.  We mainly practiced backing, trotting and posting and cantering.  It went well, just brief.  After practicing touch and rub on the ground, I flat forgot to practice yielding hindquarters in the saddle.
I’m going to work on increasing our riding time little by little.  We both need longer rides…

All of the above…worth remembering…

Have a good ride

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