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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice...

***To read more about how Max and I came to use RFD TV's Clinton Anderson and his Downunder Horsemanship methods to train ME in handling my horse, click back to the first few posts and see how we've progressed...


         If you’re also using Clinton Anderson’s dvds with your horse, let me know how it’s coming along in the comments section…

        I got out late this morning, and it was already getting HOT.  I wanted to get some riding in so we did a minimum of groundwork.
        In the barn I’ve begun using changing directions when tacking up Max.  We backed, we yielded forequarters.  Both were fine.  Yielding to the left is still coming along. 
        We lunged a few circles right, then left, at the canter.  Cantering to the right still needs improvement, but he does look more comfortable.  He seems to get into the canter more easily than he did before.
        Then, we did Run Up and Rub.  He’s fine with this one.
        The ride was really good.  We trotted all over and we cantered.  I felt like I was really sitting into his canter today.  And a couple of times I know he had a little bit slower canter, and it felt great.

Gone Next Five Days:

First Day Home:
        I worked with Max in the evening.  I only did a quick review of backing, yielding forequarters, lungeing and a little Sending.  He remembered.  Mainly, he needed some exercise.

Next Day:

       We worked on the ground for quite some time.  We reviewed all Clinton Anderson’s Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series 1. 
       Then, we had a really good ride.  We cantered several times.  I’m feeling more and more confident. 
       I still don’t feel like I’m controlling direction, but that’s what cruising is, right?  We didn’t actually cruise at the canter, but we cantered enough times that I think I’m just about ready for it.

Next Day:

        Today I spent time watching the whole Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series 2 dvds.  I like to watch the entire series to get the big picture to see what I should be able to do at the end of the series, then go back and watch the individual exercises as many times as I need to to be able to be clear on what I do and what Max is expected to do.

Next Day:

        Today was groundwork intense.  We worked on Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series 2 exercises.  We did Run Up and Rub with no problem.  We continued working on yielding forequarters.  We’ll keep working on that daily.  We did Changing Sides.  Max did excellently.  Slap and Tap – also excellent.  Not a flinch when I did the Helicopter exercise. 
        He caught on to Touch and Rub on his nose pretty quickly.  He backed up without much protest when pressure was put on his nose, but we’ll add this exercise to our daily routine. 
        Max also did very well on Touch and Rub on his poll.  I saw this exercise quite some time ago either on Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship show on RFD TV or on the Problem Solving dvd series.  I don’t remember which.  I’ve watched both of them so often.  I began working on this when I first had trouble bridling Max last fall when I first got him. 
        Max actually did the Changing Eyes – Stage One exercise without a lot of struggle.  We need practice.  But wow, he’s getting good!  I think I need more practice on this one than he does.  I’m having a little trouble changing my hands and keeping my body facing the right direction.  He did it, though, even with my less-than-clear clues.
        Our ride was okay.  We didn’t canter as much today.  We worked on yielding hindquarters at the standstill, and I still like practicing that Craig Cameron exercise I mentioned in a previous post, entitled “Way Off the Subject.”
        We are improving, and we’ve almost completed disc one of Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series 2 in this short amount of time.

        We’ll just keep on with practice, practice, practice…

        Have a good ride

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