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Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm a Lopin' Lady!

***To read how Max and I came to use RFD TV's horse trainer Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship methods, click back to the first few posts...


               I’m a lopin’ lady!!  We had a terrific ride!  We walked, trotted and cantered all over the arena!  I tried out the cruising exercise a little.  I didn’t really get the exercise going for as long as I should have, but we got a good taste of it. 
He’s getting into the canter right off, and a few times he was on the correct lead.  Now, I know in cruising, Clinton Anderson says you don’t even worry about things like correct leads, and I wasn’t worried about it.  I just happened to notice that a few times he was correct.
I’m really excited about this whole cantering thing.  His canter was noticeably slower and smoother, and I had all kinds of control.
WOO-HOO!  It’s definitely a breakthrough for me. 

Two Days Later:

Good groundwork –all review and practice -  

Good ride –

We “cruised” at the canter some.  Max’s canter was still nice and relaxed until he decided “riding time” was over.  He was ready to quit and sped up going toward the gate.  I closed it down with a one-rein stop.  
We rode outside the arena, and he was all about quitting and getting back to the barn.
I didn’t let him, and it was a little scary at times.  He was tossing his head and fighting me about which direction to go. 
I made us go back into the arena, ride slowly for just a minute or two, and then I dismounted deep in the middle of the arena, away from the gate.
I’m going to have to increase our riding time slowly each day.  Also, we need to ride outside the arena more.  Clinton Anderson says you really shouldn’t do that until you have control.  I think I have control, but then today, for example, I was having a hard time having him stand still outside the arena when he was ready to quit and go to the barn.   
 I kept pulling him around to a one-rein stop when he took a step that I didn’t ask for.  He didn’t seem to mind and kept taking that step.  I was definitely uneasy. 

Why do I still count it as a good ride?  It was good because I learned from it.  I learned that I clearly do not have the control I need…yet…

Have a good ride

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