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Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Short Sessions...

            If you’re a first time reader, I’m a “beginner all over again.”  After being absent from the horse world for a number of years, I have my first horse ever.  And, because of a  riding incident last November, I’m seeking to gain control on the ground and re-gain confidence in the saddle.  I’m using RFD TV horse trainer, Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship method to train me in handling and riding my first horse, Max.  Look back at the first few posts to see how Max and I got together, and how we came to use Clinton Anderson’s method.

(The following sessions with Max happened right before my trip to Katy.  I should be just about caught up to real time now.)


We reviewed backing, yielding forequarters, changing sides, slap and tap, run up and rub, helicopter and walk and slap.  We lunged just a bit. 
Then, there came a big rain.  So…no ride. 
But… we needed the rain more than I needed the ride.

Next Day:

Good ride.  Steady progress with cantering! 
I remembered to do the touch and rub exercise today, on the ground with the bridle on.  I feel more comfortable doing it with the bridle on.  I’m not sure if that’s the way it’s supposed to be done.  I’ll have to watch that part again.  I’m sloppy at the cues because this exercise it makes me… uneasy. 
              Everything about it makes me uneasy.  Pulling his head around right by me.  (I just remembered I should keep my elbow up.)  Standing more towards the middle of his body instead of up by his shoulder, changing my hands like you’re supposed to do in the exercise isn’t natural to me yet, and keeping up with him on the ground while he’s moving his hindquarters around while I keep his head tilted toward me all need work.  (Whew-) 
I’m just real uncomfortable with it so far.  I’m going to need to get over it and stick with it.
We’ve been doing groundwork right in front of the barn this week.  Clinton Anderson says to work where he wants to be and rest where you want him to be, (or something about like that) and it’s another great idea.  So, we’re working at the barn since we had our disagreement about when to go back to the barn a few days ago.

Next Day:

We had a short evening session.  We’re not really able to have a good teaching session on these short evenings.  We’ve really only had time to practice skills I’ve already introduced.

Next Day:

No ride today-just a short groundwork practice session this evening.

Next Day:

By the time we could practice it was getting to be early evening.  I wanted to make sure I got a ride in so we barely did groundwork.  We just backed and lunged a little to warm up and to remember that I’m the leader.
Then, we had a good ride.  Still cantering – Still need to practice cantering.  It was a short ride but it was excellent.
We’re not progressing as quickly as I’d like through these first couple of discs on Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground-Series 2.  We got kind of stuck reviewing these past couple of weeks.  I gotta step it up.

Hopefully, next week we’ll be able to get back to longer sessions…

Have a good ride

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