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Monday, September 26, 2011

Anyone Else Using Clinton Anderson's DVDs?

***Read more about how Max and I came to use Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship methods, click back to the first few posts and see how we've progressed...


               Before I tell about our training experience today, I would like to ask anyone reading who is using Clinton Anderson’s training DVDs to feel free to tell us what you’re working on and how it’s going for you in the comment section.
Also, I read some good information on the http://www.horseforum.com
 website.  It really helped me to know more about what to look for while Max is lungeing at the canter.
I was glad to read that many who were commenting encourage cantering on the ground first to get the horse used to it and to teach correct leads.  Yea!  I’m doing something right. 
I originally went to the website to see if I could find out anything about horse chiropractors.  I was beginning to think maybe something was wrong with Max’s right shoulder since when I’m in the saddle doing the very little cantering that we do, 99%  of the time he takes off on the left lead. 
Does anyone know if horse chiropractors really help?  I mean really help?
When I canter him on the ground he’s not nearly as smooth on his right lead either.  On horseforum.com folks were saying that getting horses cantering on the ground helps get them used to using this gait.  Some also said that cantering on the ground is helpful in teaching correct leads.  More than one suggested cantering on the “bad” side more than on the “good” side.  Clinton Anderson also suggests that whenever there is one side that’s not as “good” as the other (this goes for any skill) to work that side two or three times as much as the other side.
Makes sense…  So we did that today, and I know that small improvement was made. 
I went back out this evening when it cooled off.  We lunged a little and Max is doing better all the time on that right lead.  I’m doing it twice as much on the right as on the left.  He still doesn’t look real smooth on the right.  I’m letting him go in big circles as someone suggested on horseforum.com. 
We also did sending.  He’s getting it, pretty well.  He trots through with lots of encouragement.  He still goes a too far around behind me when going to the left.  But I wiggle the rope to back him out and he gets back in position to come through to the right. 
Max is still yielding forequarters correctly to the right, and he really did better moving to the left.  Not yet pivoting on the left hind foot, but crossing his right foot over better and more consistently.
Run up and rub was fine.  Slap and tap was fine.

Anyone else working on any of these exercises?         Anyone…anyone…?

Have a good ride

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