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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now We're Talkin'...

I watched, no studied, all four dvds in the Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground-1 set.  I was pumped each morning and couldn't wait to get to the barn.
We yielded hindquarters and practiced giving two eyes.  Max is one of those big ole fat, lazy geldings that Clinton Anderson talks about, and I decided he should yield those hindquarters and give me two eyes a bit more quickly and crisply, so I watched that segment again and trooped out to teach Max how to snap it up. 
He did.  As soon as I signaled with some energy, he responded with energy. 
There’s no sense getting frustrated or mad when things don’t happen quickly.  I’m finding that if I keep working, with consistency in my cues, it comes together one day.     

Okay!  I love this backing up stuff!  This is just what a timid handler needs – how to get him out of her face and space! 
We learned to back up the 4 different methods Clinton Anderson teaches, and we still work on backing up everyday.  I really like him to back out of my space! 
So far, these lessons have been clear and easy to follow and I’m impressed. 

I was just beginning to dream about training wild mustangs when we hit our first snag.  Max just  really didn't want to yield his forequarters.  Flat didn't want to. 
So we struggled with yielding forequarters.  I mean reeeeeeeeeeally struggled.  Then, I realized it was me.  I admit it.  I did exactly what CA said not to do. 
I was just trying to help Max understand what I wanted him to do so I pushed on his shoulder to get him to move that foot across.  Max didn't want to do that either.  I got into a big pushing match with him. 
I knew I wasn't supposed to do this, but maybe CA just didn't know that it worked on some horses.  Uh, no.  It doesn't.  And it didn't work on Max. 
Of course, Max would win and all I was, was worn out.  I watched the lesson again.  Yep, he was doing all those things CA says the big, fat, lazy geldings will do. 
I went back out re-armed with the knowledge I learned during the first viewing of the Yielding Forequarters segment, but this time I was prepared to actually use that knowledge and do it right.
We worked.  I moved the stick with increased rhythm while I counted 1,2,3,4, increasing my volume and Max's shoulder met the stick.   I still thought Max would never get it, but we persisted.  Sometimes he yawned and sometimes he stepped forward and always he looked at me like I was a pain in the neck.  And then it happened. 
That first step across was sweeeet! 
We are still working on getting three steps in a row.  He can do one like a champ and two pretty darn good, but he needs to get around on that third step and we’re just not there yet.  So, yep, we work on that everyday.
It’s amazing how getting some knowledge and using it, so you can get some control, can lead to increased confidence in a short amount of time…

Now, we're talkin'!

Have a good ride,

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