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Saturday, August 13, 2011

#1-What Is TVhorsetalk?

So, what is TVhorsetalk?  I like watching all the horse trainer shows on RFD-TV.  A few years ago I discovered that there were several popular horse trainers with regular shows.   (I know I’m a little behind everyone else.)  Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, Craig Cameron, Julie Goodnight, Ken McNabb and Ryan Gingerich are a few. 
Who knew that while I had been working and living in the big city all these years that there was a whole horse world of trainers and clinicians going on out here?  They’re all good.  I have watched all of their shows and have learned from each one. 
We didn't get RFD-TV in the city.  Now I don't get enough of it! 
TVhorsetalk is about the experiences I’m having as a BEGINNER using the techniques I learn from the TV horse trainers.
            Did I mention that I’m a lifelong horse lover?  I love everything about them.  I like watching shows about them, reading about them, talking about them, watching them, watching others work with them and ride them, and I love riding them myself, too.  Badly, but happily, riding them. 
            And a few years ago, when I knew getting my first horse was going to happen, but was still a little way in the future, I saw the clinician (new word for me) on RFD-TV named Clinton Anderson.  He was really good, both training the horse and explaining how he did it.  At the end of his show they listed locations of his upcoming tour stops.   
             I went, I saw it live, and I loved it.  I boldly ventured to think, “Boy, when I get a horse, maybe I can do some of this!”  I mean, who knew?  I never knew all this stuff about horses, but it made absolute sense.  That’s been a few years ago. 
            Fast forward to now.  I have moved to the country, out in the woods, with plenty of space, and I acquired my FIRST horse.  (The one my family had when I was a kid was really my brother’s horse.)
            And I still love to watch all the horse people on tv train horses… and train people who ride horses…
Last September I got Max.  I wanted a ten to twenty year old dead broke beautiful golden palomino quarter horse about 14 to 14.2 hands high.  Max is a six year old, pretty darn broke, (more on this later) pretty nice-looking, pinto grade quarter horse about 15.2 hands high. 
And I love him.
I decided I'd use the information and techniques I'd been watching on RFD-TV in order to become the leader of the pair of Max and me, and to improve my practically non-existent skills. 
I have a few background entries first so you'll know where I'm coming from.  And Clinton Anderson is the first one I'll explore because he's the first one I connected with.  (See later posts for explanation.) 
I’ve been keeping a log as I have been following Clinton Anderson’s Round Penning, Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground-Series I and Riding with Confidence-Series I.  I’ll post one or two entries per day until I get caught up with “real time”.  You're welcome to share our journey through TVhorsetalk as Max and I follow Clinton Anderson's method.  I'm looking forward to extraordinary results! 

Have a good ride!

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