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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Good Workout...


We had another good workout. We reviewed circle driving, backed two methods, tap the air and WWWW. Max did well.

We also did side-passing on the fence. We're getting better and better.

We worked on the take-off again in LFR-2 and the change of direction. He's getting better.

He did well with leading behind. I think we've got that one down.

We attempted leading beside. It was a little rocky at first. Then I tapped and Max took off. We'll work on staying in exactly the right position, but he did pretty well for the first time. Leading beside on the left was a little rockier, but he got it. We'll do it again tomorrow.

YAY! We tried turn and go again. I tried a couple of suggestions I got from NWC members on the forum when I explained the backing up problem I was having when I first introduced it. It was still not pretty at first - a lot of backing up. He finally found it! We did it lots of times. It was getting dark, but we couldn't stop right when he was just about to get it for good. We practiced a few more times and quit for the night. He was getting pretty smooth with it by the time we stopped. Good Boy.

And thanks to NWC members on the forum for helping me out!

It was another good workout...

Have a good ride,

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