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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to Short Sessions...

***Click back to the first few posts to read how Max and I started using RFD TV’s Clinton Anderson and his Downunder Horsemanship training method.  We've made great progress! 


For the last couple of days I’ve returned to short sessions for my training.  Like I mentioned in the last post, Max and I are still on Clinton Anderson’s Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground – Series 2 – disc four.  We have three more exercises to go in this series:  leading behind, leading beside and turn and go.
We’ve been practicing side-passing and lungeing for respect-stage 2 in the afternoons this week.  We’ve had short sessions each day of 30 minutes to an hour.  It seems to work well for us like this. 
I’ve only had one ride this week though.  That won’t do.  I like to ride four to six days a week.
This week Max was reluctant to begin lungeing when I pointed and clucked, especially to the right for some reason.  So, we worked on it.  It took many tries, over a period of a few days for him to remember to "go" when I point and cluck.  But we’re getting it now about 90-95% of the time.  The other 5-10% of the time he gets it with slight encouragement.  So, that’s progress.
Clinton Anderson says you probably shouldn’t be doing lungeing for respect-stage 2 if your horse doesn’t “go” when you point and cluck in stage 1.  Max used to “go” when I pointed and clucked.  He just needs a refresher.  We had that couple of weeks in which we weren’t able to work, so he got a bit rusty.
We are working, slowly but steadily, on lungeing for respect-stage 2.  We’re really sloppy at it, but we’re correcting mistakes as they happen, then trying again. 
For example, Max and I are having a hard time with when we want to change direction, him stopping and getting his front end around quickly enough.  He wants to ignore me and the whole quick change of direction thing, so he keeps on in the same direction just trotting a little bit slower, and looking at me the whole time like he knows what I want, but wants to see if I’ll do it his way this time.  
Of course, I won’t, so I stop him, back him up by wiggling the rope because by this time he’s moved in closer to me, yield his hindquarters and start him in the other direction while keeping his shoulder out and away from me.
Like I said, we’re really sloppy, but we’ll keep practicing.  We’ve both got the time. 
Side-passing is going a little more smoothly than before.  We’re still on the fence and he’s still moving up to the fence frequently so that we have to back up and then continue the side-passing to the right.  To the left, he’s doing quite well.  Again, we’ll practice a little everyday.
I need to watch disc 4 to see how to do the last three exercises.  Hopefully, we can start those next week.
The short sessions are working for us again…

Have a good ride


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