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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good, Long Session...

If you're new, click back to the first few posts to see how Max and I came to use Clinton Anderson's training methods.


As of today we’ve made it to disc 4 of Clinton Anderson’s Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground-Series 2.  There are only four more exercises in this series, so we’ll be starting Series 3 soon.  YEE-HA!!

We flew through desensitizing with the plastic bag, body, face and head.  We had no problem with throwing the rope to stop either.  It only took a couple of times throwing the rope and he stopped.  I totally forgot about see-sawing the rope.  We’ll work on that another day.

We practiced side-passing.  Max is getting pretty good.  Not perfect, but okay so far.  He tends to keep moving a little bit forward while side-passing so that he’s right up to the fence after a few steps.  I need to watch the segment again on side-passing to see what the correct correction is for that.  He’s really trying though.

We also worked on Lungeing for Respect – Stage 2.  CA is right about getting the steps down before you try this with the horse trotting or cantering around.  He’s also right about taking your time between each step until you get them down.  I took it really slowly at first.  It helped tremendously.  After a few slow times I sped it up just a little.  Here again, Max and I aren’t perfect with this exercise.  He’s not rotating around on his hind feet like Clinton Anderson wants them to.  But… he kind of does, sometimes.  We’re working on it.

We ended our groundwork with a walk through the woods.  We walked back and forth down a short trail about three times.  He did great.  No spook.

We worked about three hours today.  It was a good, long session…

Have a good ride


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